Living Green is spreading the word on how communities, businesses and individuals can build innovate opportunities which contribute directly to the SDGs ranging from ending poverty, conflict and inequality.


Living Green is laying out where we collectively need to go and how to get there. By doing so, businesses will not only help build a prosperous, more sustainable world, but also mature new global markets and enter the next era of business.


Living Green is translating the SDGs into responsible business practices, innovation and investment. Ensuring that women and girls are not excluded from accessing opportunities and realizing aspirations for themselves and their families.

Economic Empowerment

Women and Girls make up nearly half of the world’s population. yet they are regularly prevented from accessing basic services and decent employment opportunities. It is therefore evident that the SDGs can not be achieved when women are excluded. Women make enormous contributions to economies, whether in businesses, on farms, as entrepreneurs or employees, or by doing unpaid care work at home. Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Equal treatment of women and men is not just the right thing to do, it is also good for business and community development.

Our Approach 

Living Green has empowered and employed 118 young women and continue to increase access to decent employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for women and girls by providing vocational and business training, and support them to start-up and run their own successful businesses.

Living Green focus on attracting more investment in the ideas that support and build equal business and employment opportunities for women and girls which intends contribute directly to achieve the SDGs rather than requiring funding or aid to achieve the SDGs.

Through our unique, evidence based approach, we have empowered and support more than  11 thousand women and girls to increase income, build assets, wealth and business leadership since 2018.

Economic Empowerment Training

Where We Work

In all our economic empowerment programs, Living Green reaches out to women and girls most in need. Living Green empower women to start, manage and grow self-sustaining microbusinesses, starting small without requiring loans or big startup capital. This approach was inspired by women who do small Table Market at the Kumba Main Market (KMM).

We work in hardest to reach communities advancing gender equality while strengthen the role of women in community based decision-making and build capacity of community members, business owners and traditional leaders with the needed set of skills, knowledge and capacity to provide and enabling environment  for women-led business to strive.

Why We Focus On Women

Increasing women’s access to decent employment and entrepreneurial opportunities reduces poverty for everyone. Supporting women to earn their own income and decide how they spend it means solving a social problem, more children in school, and more families with access to healthcare. When a woman owns a business she employs other women. Our program is proven to help women and girls launch their own dream businesses rise from poverty and lift their families and community up.

Participating in economic activities allows women to effect positive changes in their own lives, and family, contributing to positive effects for their community and the whole nation.

The Community Center For Sustainable Development and Capacity Building For Women And Girls

She Takes The Lead

The Community Training Center is popularly known for its beautiful handmade products. Visit Our Product Page to all Fine Out More

The Community Center for Sustainable Development and Capacity Building for Women and Girls: Establish in 2018, the Empowerment Center provide a safe environment for women and girls especially survivors of Gender Based Violence to recover, gain income generating skills and strive. The Center provides training in the Production and Marketing of Liquid/Solid Soap, Ankara Bags/Dresses/Shoes and Leather Sandals/Slippers, Reusable Pad, Bamenda Traditional Regalia, Handmade Rugs, Beadings and Urban Farming using Recycled Plastic Bottles. 

The Center has highly gain recognition for its work and has received many support and investment from local and international organization including The US Embassy Yaoundé, UNHCR, Kumba City Council. Through this recognition, the Government of Cameroon has pledge to support Living Green empower 1 Million women and girls through Vision Emerging Cameroon by 2030. 


Living Green is committed in creating employment and business opportunities that does not and will not depend on aid or charity but on skills and investments. Our model goes beyond just providing decent employment and business opportunity but in the same time solving very important social problems in our  respective communities today and advancing progress on the SDGs. 

With proven results in Kumba – Cameroon, Market Driven Skills help women and girls find jobs, launch businesses, and support themselves and their family. Their skills continue to provide a means of livelihood for a lifetime.

Partnership For Sustainability

Living Green work in close collaboration with Government institutions, businesses, NGOs, schools, community members and traditional leaders in the implementation of its programs ensure that it create lasting impact for both beneficiaries and communities.

Working with Living Green as a Partner, Living Green takes you further and bring you closer in taking direct action and making direct impact in the lives of those who matters to you.

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