Living Green Integrates Digital Technologies Into Women’s Economic Empowerment Programs

In Cameroon, like many other countries, there exists a significant gender disparity in access to and utilization of technology. Women are underrepresented in the technology sector, both as users and professionals. This gap is further exacerbated by limited access to education and training opportunities in STEM fields for women. As a result, women face barriers in accessing information, resources, and economic opportunities that are available through digital platforms.

Living Green recognize the current need in our community to improve access and opportunities for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, particularly in the technology sector. By offering STEM programs and initiatives, we aim to empower women and bridge the gender digital divide and strive.

One of the keyways Living Green addresses this issue is through our digital marketing programs. We provide training and mentorship to women interested in pursuing careers in digital marketing. This field offers numerous opportunities for women to leverage their skills and creativity while working remotely or starting their own businesses. By equipping women with the necessary knowledge and skills in digital marketing, we enable them to participate actively in the technology sector.


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Innovation and Technology For Gender Equality

Living Green is commitment to women’s economic empowerment in the digital world in other to bridge the digital divide, or technology gap. To achieve the goals, Living Green is partnering with local organizations and business to join forces and work together to ensure that this initiative is a resounding success, empowering thousands of young women and girls in Cameroon through increasing access to STEM education and career opportunities, especially the technology sector.


Our STEM offerings also focus on providing access to technology resources and education for girls and young women. We organize workshops, coding camps, and hackathons that introduce girls to various aspects of technology. These initiatives aim to spark interest and curiosity among young girls, encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM fields. By exposing them to coding, robotics, data analysis, and other technological skills, we hope to inspire a new generation of female technologists.

Living Green also collaborates with schools and educational institutions to integrate STEM education into their curriculum. We work closely with teachers to develop engaging lesson plans that promote hands-on learning experiences in science and technology. By incorporating STEM subjects into the education system from an early age, we aim to break down gender stereotypes surrounding these fields and encourage more girls to pursue STEM-related careers.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of addressing the digital divide in rural areas. In many remote regions of Cameroon, access to technology and the internet is limited. Living Green works towards bridging this gap by establishing community technology centers and providing training on basic digital literacy skills. By ensuring that women in rural areas have access to technology and the necessary skills to utilize it effectively, we empower them to participate in the digital economy.

Through this commitment we have so far recorded a huge level of success by empowering young women entrepreneurs in Cameroon through digital marketing training and support within a period of 14 months. Living Green strive to leave no one behind and build a more inclusive, equitable and prosperous digital economy for all.

Innovation and Tec

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