Living Green is spreading the word on how communities, businesses and individuals can build innovate opportunities which contribute directly to the SDGs ranging from ending poverty, conflict and inequality.



Laying out where we collectively need to go and how to get there. By doing so, businesses will not only help build a prosperous, more sustainable world, but also mature new global markets and enter the next era of business.



Living Green is translating the SDGs into responsible business practices, innovation and investment. Ensuring that women and girls are not excluded from accessing opportunities and realizing aspirations for themselves and their families.

Humanitarian Action

Living Green is committed to reducing poverty and gender-based violence in conflict affiliated communities, offering a lifeline of hope to women and girls affected by the anglophone crisis in Cameroon which has been going on since 2016. Through Living Green comprehensive approach, Living Green work closely with its partners to address immediate needs while also fostering sustainable solutions for the long term. Here’s how we’re making an impact:

Emergency Food Aid:

We provide essential food supplies in the affected communities, ensuring that individuals have access to nutritious meals. We also provide referrals so as to get people to access more support and Supplies.

Water and Sanitation:

Access to clean water and proper sanitation is fundamental to combating WASH-related illnesses. We prioritize the establishment of safe water sources and sanitation facilities, protecting individuals from waterborne diseases and improving overall health.

Economic Empowerment:

We empower women and girls affected by the Anglophone crisis with market driven skills and support them to strive as entrepreneurs or employees.

How your cam help:

Fighting hunger in conflict affiliated communities requires dedication and a collective effort. Your support can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected. Here’s how you can contribute.



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