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Helping GBV Survivors Get Back On Their Feet – She Takes The Lead

Living Green Cameroon Graduation

Protection Assistance Through the Provision of Shelter, Livelihood and CRI to ADPs in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.  August – December 2021

 An upsurge in violence and insecurity in several regions of Cameroon have triggered a spike in humanitarian needs. Around 4.3 million people need emergency assistance, marking a 30 per cent increase compared to 2018. Violence and forced displacement have dramatically affected the lives of women and children. Gender based violence is on a sharp increase. In some regions, up to 80% of children are out of school. Women and girls are more exposed than ever to the risks of refoulement, abuse, abduction, separation, forced recruitment, arbitrary detention, domestic violence, and sexual and economic exploitation. 

Listening to women and girls victims of Gender Base Violence was a critical success factor to identify their needs and together work out how best to respond to those needs, “We first conducted a baseline survey to assess the needs, background training, skills and interests, and then train them on how to create, set up and manage a small business.

She Takes The Lead
The Community and Us
Women empowering women
Advancing Gender Equality

With funding from UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), Living Green Cameroon in close collaboration with Plan Cameroon, INTERSOS, and Women Empowerment and Family Center trained and graduated over 100 brave survivors of gender-based violence in the production and marketing of Soap, Ankara Bags/Dress/Shoes and Leather Sandals/Slippers, Reusable Pad, Confectionery, Wigs and Fascinators. After successful completions of the training, the project beneficiaries received training certificates, economic kits that will allowed them to set up small businesses and finally gain financial independence. Economic empowerment is key to the recovery process. A lack of economic independence can be a huge barrier to women in reporting and leaving abusive relationships. Access to economic opportunities helps women to break free of this cycle of dependence. As a matter of fact some of the beneficiaries had stated their business already even before their graduation, especially in the Confectionery, Ankara and Beads department.


These interventions go beyond the physical and mental recovery. It directly enables survivors of gender-based violence to plan, organize, finance, manage their own businesses, tackle gender-based violence and promote gender equality.

                 She Takes The Lead

Gender Equality in Cameroon
gender equality and empower all women and girls


Nguanyi Relindis Efuet: “I am happy that Living Green has helped me to improve on my health condition since I was able to get out of trauma, I have made new friends, I don’t feel ashamed about my life anymore, and in fact I want everyone to see me as a strong woman now. I have learned how to make beads of various types and slippers made of beads, sewing of attachment with machine, I have learned marketing etc. Now I can make my own money to support my 2 children and also take care of myself without depending on my brother in-laws who use to call me good for nothing. Beneficiary 

Aissatou Hamadjoda: Growing up with my aunt who use to beak cakes, make peanut, gateaux, fish role, meat pie, doughnut I had the opportunity to learn these skills from her and I am very good at it. I will always help my aunt when she has big order from her clients. Some year later my aunt feel sick and handed over her business to me but sadly I could not be given big contracts like my aunt  because I couldn’t back up my skills without a qualification certificate.  I am happy to have finally graduated today and obtaining a certificate, I have not only gained new skills but with my new certificate I will be able to expand my business, win big contracts for my business and also employ other girls. Beneficiary……

Phase 2 successfully completed
Congratulations to all the amazing Graduates, and many thanks to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), Living Green Cameroon, Plan Cameroon, INTERSOS, and Women Empowerment and Family Center.

The Community and Us…..


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