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Empowering Female Survivors of Gender Based Violence With Vocational and Business Skills


She Take The Lead

The ongoing socio-political armed conflict in the Northwest and Southwest regions in Cameroon that started in 2016 has spurred a humanitarian crisis and exacerbated existing social tensions. According to reports published by UNHCR, more than 85,000 women/girls have been internally displaced since 2018. This has led to the increase of Gender Base Violence (GBV) as women/girls become more vulnerable to men and the society.

In response to the neglect of thousands of women/girls and to end violence against women and girls internally displaced due to the ongoing Anglophone Crises in the North West and South West of Cameroon Living Green Cameroon launch the project titled She Takes the Lead with the mission to create awareness and advocates for the rights of survivors of GBV, provide support, protection, vocational, business skills, social integration, and economic empowerment for survivors of Gender Based Violence, in Cameroon.


This project is implemented at Living Green’s Empowerment Centre: The Community Centre for Sustainable Development and Capacity Building for Women and Girls.  Living Green Cameroon used the grant provided by the US Embassy, Yaoundé to purchase Training, Equipment, Materials and Tools for the successful implementation of the project.



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